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Aqueous ozone cleaning in washing clothes

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Daily life is the most widely used field of ozone technology, and its related application products will also become the largest producer in the market among all ozone technology application products. Therefore, this field has also become the most concerned ozone technology application field in the world, and it has developed extremely rapidly. The following will introduce you to the application of aqueous ozone cleaning in washing clothes.

Here is the content list:

l Why use aqueous ozone to wash clothes?

l The benefits of washing clothes with aqueous ozone.

l Will aqueous ozone be harmful?

Why use aqueous ozone to wash clothes?

1. A shorter cycle (the disinfection rate of aqueous ozone is 300 times that of chlorine). The sterilization ability of ozone is 150 times that of chlorine, and the sterilization speed is more than 3000 times faster than that of chlorine. Aqueous ozone can replace bleaching water and most liquid disinfection chemicals. Aqueous ozone is safer than other disinfectants, has no residual poison, and is the most environmentally friendly disinfection tool.

2. Whiter (Aqueous ozone has a bleaching effect). Ozone is the second strongest oxidant in the world. A proper amount of ozone can produce a very strong cleaning ability so that the dirt will be decomposed by ozone in a short time and separated from the clothing fibers; and after the ozone is oxidized, it will be decomposed into oxygen. This oxygen molecule is helping the cleaner to exert a stronger cleaning power. Therefore, washing clothes with aqueous ozone can save up to 40% of washing powder (or liquid detergent).

3. Reduce excessive water, save water, time and electricity. Ozone can reduce the use of washing powder, bleaching water, and softener, and at the same time save the amount of water used and time; plus no need to heat up, it saves time for warming up and huge electricity bills. aqueous ozone cleaning not only saves water, time, and electricity but also saves a lot of money.

The benefits of washing clothes with aqueous ozone.

1. It can effectively decompose oil stains. Aqueous ozone cleaning can effectively decompose oil stains and remove oil stains that cannot be removed by ordinary detergents.

2. Extend the life of linen products. If the clothes, bedsheets, bedding, etc. come from the hospital, they need to be specially disinfected. The traditional method is to use bleaching water and raise the temperature of the water. Ozone has a strong sterilization ability, and it is most suitable to treat such high-risk clothing with aqueous ozone. Without hot water, it can also reduce the shrinkage of clothes and fiber entanglement.

3. Make clothing fibers natural and supple. Ozone can increase the oxygen content in the washing water, and oxygen can activate a variety of washing powders, bringing a softening effect. The use of aqueous ozone cleaning can save a lot of chemical softeners and make the clothes fibers naturally soft.

4. Reducing the use of detergents and bleaching water is equivalent to reducing ecological pollution. Most cleaning agents have adverse effects on the ecology; chlorine has been proven to produce carcinogens and pollute the biological chain. Using aqueous ozone cleaning to reduce or discard these chemicals can effectively protect the ecological environment.

Will aqueous ozone be harmful?

According to medical clinical verification, the concentration of aqueous ozone above 40mg/L for one hour will affect animal cells. As long as the concentration is lower than this value, clinical application is safe. The concentration achieved by the technology of the aqueous ozone machine is generally within 20mg/L, which is about 1/2 of the upper limit of clinical safety. The ozone concentration is like extracting the uranium raw material for the atomic bomb. The higher the concentration, the more difficult it is to realize the technology. Ozone is extremely active and unstable. Under normal temperature, it will decompose into oxygen in about 30-60 minutes, continuously weakening its oxidizing ability. Therefore, since ozone has been used for medical treatment in the world for 150 years, there have been no reports of accidents causing casualties, and it has a lower negative impact than any other medication. Therefore, aqueous ozone cleaning is very safe.

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