How do I select an ozone water generator?

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The ozone water generator is a process that converts oxygen into ozone using the principle of high voltage discharge. Ozone is a form of ozone that cannot be decomposed or stored, so an electrolysis ozone generator is used wherever ozone can be used.

Here is the content list:

  • l  Determine the type of ozone water generator and the ozone output.

  • l  Identify the quality of the ozone water generator.

  • l  Cost-effectiveness.

  • l  Prevent misunderstandings.

  • l  Standby machine.

ozone water generator

Determine the type of ozone water generator and the ozone output.

When purchasing an ozone water generator, it is important to determine whether it is to be used for air sterilization or water treatment. For air treatment, you can choose the low concentration and economical open type ozone water generator, which includes both open and open models with and without an air source. This type of ozone water generator is simple and inexpensive, but the temperature and humidity during operation affect ozone generation. The above open ozone water generator is the simplest ozone device, for high requirements of the premises air treatment should also choose high concentration ozone water generator. Air treatment according to 20-50mg/m3 standard put, food and drug industry choose a high value. The total amount of ozone (i.e. ozone water generator output) can be calculated by converting the size of the space. For water treatment, a high concentration ozone water generator must be purchased (ozone concentration greater than 12mg/L), low concentration ozone treatment of water is ineffective. A high concentration ozone generator system comes standard with a gas source and treatment unit and ozone generator. Smaller ones can be designed as all-in-one models with an output between 5-200g/h. Medium and large ozone water generators exist in the form of units.

Identify the quality of the ozone water generator.

The quality of the ozone water generator can be identified from the manufacturing materials, system configuration, cooling methods, working frequency, control methods, ozone concentration, gas source, power consumption indicators, and other aspects. A good quality ozone water generator should be made of high dielectric material, standard configuration (including gas source and purification device), double electrode cooling, high-frequency drive, intelligent control, high ozone concentration output, low electricity consumption, and low gas consumption.


Quality ozone water generators from design to configuration and manufacturing materials are according to its standard, the cost is much higher than the low-grade generator and low configuration generators. However, the performance of a quality ozone water generator is very stable and the ozone concentration and output are not affected by environmental factors. The low configuration of the ozone water generator is affected by the environment, the increase in temperature and humidity can cause a significant drop in ozone production and concentration, affecting the treatment effect. When choosing and purchasing, the price and performance should be a comprehensive evaluation.

Prevent misunderstandings.

The first is to understand whether the ozone water generator contains an air source, the difference in cost between a generator with an air source and a generator without an air source is huge. If you purchase an ozone water generator without an air source through the price advantage, you will also need to equip yourself with an air source device which may end up costing you more money. Secondly, you need to know the structure of the generator, whether it can run continuously, the ozone output concentration, and other indicators. For example, if you need an ozone water generator for water purification, you will not be able to use it if you mistakenly choose an open ozone water generator. Thirdly, check the rated output of the ozone water generator, whether it is rated for use with an air source or an oxygen source. Because ozone production is twice as large when using an oxygen source as when using an air source, the difference in cost between the two is nearly double. When choosing an ozone generator water purifier, both the supply and demand sides should communicate in all aspects to avoid going into the wrong place, do not measure the ozone water generator based on price as the main reference.

Standby machine.

For continuous work is not allowed to stop place, the purchase of an ozone water generator should have a backup machine. According to two with a backup, one with a backup principle of purchase. A Standby unit is mainly used in the process of maintenance or repair of equipment alternately, to avoid downtime maintenance affects normal production.

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