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  • What is ozonated water?

    What is ozonated water? In order to learn more about ozonated water and its so-called disinfection ability, from a scientific point of view, "ozone is that oxygen (O2) obtains another oxygen atom to prod

  • Infected Salmon lead to New Covid-19 Outbreak in Beijing: Food Sanitizing Is Important!

    Infected Salmon lead to New Covid-19 Outbreak in Beijing: Food Sanitizing Is Important!During the new coronavirus epidemic, we clean and sanitize nearly every surfaces and atmosphere. However, as most chemical sanitizers are deleterious to health and/or the food, food s

  • Applications of Ozone on Medical Treatment of COVID-19

    A global online seminar, applications of ozone on medical treatment of COVID-19, was held on May.14 by Deposon joint World Ozone Therapy Association (WFOT). More than 1,9000 audience from all over the world attended the online seminar. Professor He Xiaofeng, the famous ozone therapy expert, presided

  • How Long Does the Coronavirus Survive on Surfaces?

    How Long Does the Coronavirus Survive on Surfaces?The coronavirus that causes covid-19 is mainly transmitted from person to person. If you touch a virus on a surface or object and then touch your mouth, nose or eyes, you may catch the virus. The coronavirus can survive for hours to days on surfaces

Based on Bluamec, we develop and manufacture devices that produce aqueous ozone – the simplest, safest, most sustainable way to clean and sanitize. Our mission is “reducing chemical pollution, improving quality of life”.



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