5 advantages of the ozone water generator

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The ozone generator system, which is used to produce ozone, has a specific gas production capacity that varies from product to product and which companies need to purchase according to their space requirements. Ozone is a strong oxidizing gas that can sterilize, bleach, remove odors and decompose formaldehyde, and has long been used in disinfection applications. Here is the list of 5 advantages of the ozone water generator.

Here is the content list:

  • l  Germicidal disinfection

  • l  Highly effective

  • l  Environmentally friendly and hygienic

  • l  Easy to operate

  • l  Economical

ozone water generator

Germicidal disinfection

Research has shown that ozone is a broad-spectrum, highly effective, fast-acting, bactericidal agent of the ozone water generator that rapidly kills the bacteria that make up pathogenic viruses and micro-organisms in humans and animals. Ozone is a very strong oxidizing agent and its oxidizing action can destroy the biological structure of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in a short time, rendering them non-viable. To achieve the germicidal effect of the complex, oxidation is used to kill microorganisms, there are many, such as ordinary chlorine, bleach, potassium permanganate, etc. However, these germicides are slower than ozone germicides and are harmful to the human body in general germicides.

Highly effective

Ozone is a broad-spectrum bactericidal agent, that not only can kill harmful bacteria propagules, spores, viruses, fungi, protozoa spores, and a variety of micro-organisms but also can kill the destruction of botulism and toxins, and rickettsiae. UV disinfection has a short sterilization distance, weak sterilization ability, dead ends, and other problems, sterilization efficiency is low. Ozone is a gas that uses its strong oxidizing properties to sterilize and disinfect, which is done instantly and many times faster than chlorine and other disinfectants. After being generated by the ozone water generator, it can quickly diffuse into the food workshop, office area, and other places where sterilization is required and can avoid the problem of sterilization dead space. After 30 minutes of disinfection with the ozone water generator, the remaining ozone can be gradually reduced to oxygen by itself, while continuing to improve the quality of the air and optimize the natural working environment.

Environmentally friendly and hygienic

The ozone water generator uses air as raw material, with low energy consumption, low running costs, and good economic returns. Moreover, after ozone sterilization, it will quickly decompose itself into oxygen, with no residue, and no secondary pollution, is an environmentally friendly sterilization agent.

Easy to operate

The electrolysis ozone generator can be installed in indoor or central air conditioning systems, air purification systems, and large sterilization equipment, according to the concentration of ozone required for sterilization and time, automatically set the sterilization time of ozone sterilization equipment, easy to operate. The ozone water generator can be installed in indoor or central air conditioning systems, air purification systems, and large sterilization plants.


The ozone generator water purifier is simple to use, plugged in and ready to use, and does not require the complex operation or professional staff to use it, which saves wages. At the same time, the ozone water generator consumes relatively little energy. Many people believe that using an ozone water generator to sterilize products such as food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics is costly. This view is wrong. The ozone water generator is simple to use, plugged in, and ready to use, and does not require the complex operation or professional staff to use it, which can save wages in terms of employing people. It is also relatively low in energy consumption. From these aspects, the use of ozone sterilization is an economical method of sterilization and helps to control production costs.

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