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Do you know the ozonated water for cleaning?

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If you have children, especially small babies, or children who are just learning to crawl or walk, then you, as their parents, should pay special attention to the hygiene of children's toys, because children often like to bite toys, and if the toys are not clean, children will easily get sick. Ozonated water for cleaning can help you clean the toys in a very safe way. Then, let’s introduce more about ozonated water for cleaning.

Here is the content list:

· Why can ozonated water be used to disinfect?

· Why use ozonated water to wash clothing?

· How to use ozonated water to wash clothing?

Why can ozonated water be used to disinfect?

Ozone is unstable and very active, showing the oxidation of other reducing substances (capturing electrons from other reducing substances) and strong oxidation. Ozone disinfection uses the oxidation, destruction, and decomposition of bacterial cell walls to rapidly spread inside cells and oxidatively decompose bacterial internal biological materials such as DNA, RNA, and oxidase, and to carry out bacterial metabolism and reproduction processes. Destroy To kill bacteria and other microbes. People use ozone disinfection because ozone is unstable, the ozone remaining after disinfection is quickly decomposed into oxygen, and there is no residual ozone disinfection. Today, it is very common in the bottled water industry. Therefore, ozonated water for cleaning can help to clean.

In addition, using Ozone Sanitizing Spray Bottle is also a good disinfection method.

Why use ozone water to wash clothing?

Kitchenware, tableware sterilization, children's toys, clothing, etc Kitchenware, tableware, toys for children of the family, underwear, etc are the sites of bacteria-infested the route of transmission of the bacteria and a variety of, soaking with ozone water washing, can thoroughly sterilization, and can suppress various microbial breeding, to achieve the effect of anti-bacteria. At the same time, wash the clothes with ozonated water for cleaning to improve the washing effect.

How to use ozonated water to wash clothing?

Ozonated water for cleaning is good for killing bacteria, but can it replace laundry detergent completely? The answer is better not. In addition to bacteria, there are oil stains on the clothes. If you wash them with ozone water directly, the oil stains will not be completely removed. Ozone water has the function of disinfection. Some hotels and hospitals will wash clothes with ozonated water for cleaning, but it is best to wash them with ozone water after washing with washing powder to avoid the conflict between the two effects. It can also be soaked in ozone water after cleaning, which will also achieve the same sterilization effect.

After reading this article, if you have small children at home, it is safe and convenient to use ozonated water for cleaning to wash your clothes for your child's health. If you are in ozonated water for cleaning business, you can consider our cost-effective products.

In addition, we also provide Ozone Sanitizing Sprayer, Ozone Water Sprayer, etc.

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