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Ozone Disinfection mechanism

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Ozone Disinfection mechanism

Water can contain microorganisms and harmful pollutants. Many of these impurities can be harmful to people, from a hygienic point of view. Improved hygiene can prevent complaints that are caused by these impurities (e.g. disease, irritation, eczema). This is why water that contains impurities must be disinfected.

Disinfection means purifying a medium up to the extent that it can no longer cause infective disease with humans, animals and plants that come in contact with the medium (mainly water).

Because of its high oxidation potential, ozone oxidizes cell components of the bacterial cell wall. This is a consequence of cell wall penetration. Once ozone has entered the cell, it oxidizes all essential components (enzymes, proteins, DNA, RNA). When the cellular membrane is damaged during this process, the cell will fall apart.

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