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  • What are the cleaning benefits of ozone water?

    What are the cleaning benefits of ozone water?According to two new studies entitled "qualification of ozone surface disinfection in water" by the University of Nebraska Medical Center, the ozone water cleaning system can effectively eliminate the colonies of Escherichia coli and Listeria from the ha

  • Comparison of ozone disinfectants

    Comparison of ozone disinfectantsOzone is a very effective disinfectant. The CT values (concentration * time) of various disinfectants were compared in Table 1.Although chlorine is very suitable for inactivation of bacteria and fungi, it cannot be used to inactivate protozoa.Table 2 shows the disi

  • Ozone disinfection

    Ozone disinfectionOzone has been widely used as an effective disinfectant, food preservative, space purifier, odor control and medical treatment.The most important problem of disinfectants in the future will be the environmental friendliness of antibacterial agents. What disinfection by-products wil

  • Ozone disinfection, replacing traditional disinfection

    Ozone disinfection, replacing traditional disinfectionOzone disinfection is a water purification system operator, including pharmaceutical manufacturers, that replaces hot water and chemical disinfection. Ozone disinfection has been proved to be more effective, cost-effective and less maintenance re

  • Ozone disinfection of tomato processing plant

    A major tomato processing plant in Ohio has adopted an ozone disinfection system to improve the overall efficiency and cleanliness of the plant. This plant replaces the traditional biological fungicide, which can only slow down the growth of bacteria, and needs to be cleaned regularly. Ozone based sanitary treatment can effectively prevent microorganisms, keep the factory clean for a longer time, and significantly reduce the downtime required for sanitary treatment.

  • Benefits of ozone disinfection

    Ozone disinfection is more labor-saving, water-saving and time-saving than traditional methods. Because ozone is more stable and effective at lower temperatures, ozone water can be used at lower temperatures and effectively replace hot water and chemical treatment. Typical ambient water temperature is the ideal condition for ozone disinfection. The net effect is significant energy savings and a smaller carbon footprint. For example, the ozone pilot study discussed earlier estimated that nearly $80000 of energy was saved each year.

  • Ozone Disinfection mechanism

    Ozone Disinfection mechanismWater can contain microorganisms and harmful pollutants. Many of these impurities can be harmful to people, from a hygienic point of view. Improved hygiene can prevent complaints that are caused by these impurities (e.g. disease, irritation, eczema). This is why water tha

  • Ozone applications of Swimming pool water

    Ozone applications of Swimming pool waterWater quality can be improved eminently and costs can be saved on the long term when ozone is applied for swimming pool water treatment.Swimming pool water pollutantsSwimming pool water pollution is mainly caused by swimmers. This makes it a very dynamic poll

  • Vanke uses ozone sanitizing spray bottle for residential disinfection

    Vanke uses Ozone sanitizing spray bottle for residential disinfectionRecently, Vanke, the biggest housing developer in China, has reduced the use of chemical liquid, and switches to use a green sanitizer- ozone water for public places disinfection to prevent epidemic infection.

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