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Ozone disinfection

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Ozone disinfection

Ozone has been widely used as an effective disinfectant, food preservative, space purifier, odor control and medical treatment.

The most important problem of disinfectants in the future will be the environmental friendliness of antibacterial agents. What disinfection by-products will be produced? What is the efficiency of reducing bacteria, viruses, bacteria and fungi?

The effectiveness of ozone treatment is a kind of disinfection technology to replace conventional disinfectants and reduce the microbial pollution of water and air.

How does it work?

Ozone is an unstable gas that can destroy bacteria and viruses. It is a powerful oxidant and bactericide with no risk of resistance, accumulation, immunity or toxic residues.

Ozone has higher disinfection ability than chlorine and other commonly used disinfectants. Because its life is very short, when it breaks, it will return to the natural form of oxygen, leaving no residue. In this process, free oxygen atoms look for and attack any foreign particles in water or air, while destroying bacteria or any organic matter. In this reaction process, ozone will not produce toxic compounds like chlorinated compounds.

Ozone treatment is considered to be a safe and effective disinfection tool for water or air decontamination. According to safety standards and appropriate levels, it can be used in industry, hospitals and even homes.

The combination of microbial disinfection and effective removal of microorganisms makes ozone water an attractive alternative to clean surfaces, food processing, wastewater, medical disinfection facilities and equipment. It can also remove bacteria and viruses in the air and control odor. In addition, ozone removes microorganisms from cracks, cavities and filters. Recent studies have shown that ozone is an alternative to the traditional alcohol based hand disinfectant.

Ozone water is an effective E.coli decontamination agent, which may become a substitute for traditional alcohol liquid hand disinfectant in medical institutions and public places. Ozone water may be particularly useful for people with skin problems.

Ozonation is a kind of ozone disinfection treatment, which has been proved to be an effective sanitary method for many times to remove bacteria and viruses, as well as a powerful oxidant to destroy organic matter, iron and manganese.

Based on Bluamec, we develop and manufacture devices that produce aqueous ozone – the simplest, safest, most sustainable way to clean and sanitize. Our mission is “reducing chemical pollution, improving quality of life”.



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